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ad50-2ABOUT AD-50

Anadrol 50 is considered by many bodybuilders to have the strongest anabolic effect of any oral steroid available. Unfortunately, Anadrol-50 possesses the greatest risk of side effects compared to other oral steroids. Cyba-Labs challenge was to mimic the extreme anabolic properties of Anadrol 50 without all the adverse androgenic side effects.

Through extensive research and precise formulation Cyba-Labs has created AD-50, the most powerful, 100% legal, anabolic supplement the law will allow. It is incredibly effective in promoting tremendous gains in body mass and strength within a short period of time. Along with excellent reports of muscle size and density, strength, and endurance, AD-50 users typically experience positive effects on energy levels and libido as well.



Once I got the first week of AD-50 under my belt, I started to notice strength increase come on pretty quickly. I began hitting small milestones here & there, like repping the 100lb DBs for 15 reps on flat bench. Then I hit my first major breakthrough, a 315lb bench. My bench had stalled for the longest time right outside of 300lbs. Before my cycle I, grinded out 300 & once AD-50 kicked in I handled 315 with relative ease. Unfortunately, I was going through a squat phase that kind of kept me from maxing out on squats or deadlifts. However, three weeks in to AD-50 I hit another bench record with 325 a 505lb squat, & 555lb deadlift. So, over the course of a four week cycle 25lbs, my squat by 64 lbs (previous best was 441), & my dead lift by 50lbs (previous best 490lbs). I would say, mission accomplished on my goal of getting stronger. By the time my cycle came to a close, my weight had ballooned to an all-time high of 226 lbs. After four weeks, that’s a 13lb gain. Not exactly a huge gain in body weight, but with the strength gains I made I wasn’t too upset. Plus I didn’t get puffy or fat off this product.

David M    Las Vegas, NV


Over all I gained 12 lbs during my AD-50 cycle. After I got off I dropped 2 lbs so a net of 10 lbs off the cycle. The gains were very solid and lean considering I wasn’t dialed in on my diet the way I should have been. I have much more noticeable size and definition throughout my shoulders and traps. My biceps and triceps have also increased in size, although not as much as my shoulders. Awesome gains in my chest and legs, and a slight leaning out across my entire body. Strength gains were also above average, and my libido was through the ROOF during the cycle. I would say I got great strength and size gains with no bloat and no side negative side effects I was very happy with the muscle I put on in my chest and arms and I was stoked when I started bulging out of large tee-shirts. This product rocks–does what it is advertised to do! I am going to take a few weeks off and try it in a multi product cycle.

Mike K      Ontario, CA