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dbolin2ABOUT D-BOLIN 25

Dianabol (D-Bol) is widely regarded as the king of oral Anabolic Steroids. It is a powerful anabolic/androgenic drug that is designed to be a tremendous mass and strength gainer. It also has adverse side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, hair loss and liver damage.

After painstaking research and development Cyba-Labs has developed D-Bolin 25 which incorporates all the powerful mass and strength gaining properties of D-Bol with little or no adverse effects and is 100% legal. The cutting edge technology behind D-Bolin 25 by Cyba-Labs will produce ridiculous mass and mind blowing strength gains. Users have reported dramatic increases in size and strength from just one cycle.



First off D-BOLIN 25 took hold on me at middle of week 2. I followed the instructions to the letter and  I walked around yoked all day I was usually asked a couple time a week how big my arms where or what my routine was which was a great boost to the ego. My squat went from 225 for a tough 8 reps to 15 easy with a follow up set of 10 reps. Bench press jumped from 230 for 6-8 to 265 for 7 solid reps at the end of a pyramid. Just about all my heavy movements increased. I never took measurements which pisses me off because I know I put at least a 1/2 inch on my arms and my chest and back are the thickest they have ever been. Now here is the best part, I went from 185 to 200 off one cycle with no increase in bodyfat. As a matter of fact I had a bodpod reading done before and after my cycle and I actually dropped 1% of bodyfat while adding 15 solid lbs. Would definitely recommend this product. I am going to run it again in the MASS cycle and see what that does!!

Rich D.     Sarasota, FL


I’ve been lifting for 20 years now – started when I was 13 and I’m almost 34. I have taken all the mainstream supps that you can think of. I have never tried the “back of the magazine” supps until now.  I decided to try D-BOLIN 25 by Cyba-Labs. All in all, I DEFINITELY put on some serious size! I’m bigger, harder, more defined & with better separation than before. Also slightly leaner than before, which considering I was doing less cardio and eating more food, is awesome! I’m still wearing 32” waist pants, yet now fully stretching my XL t-shirts. Everyone clearly knows something’s up which I think is hilarious. Buddies are jaw-dropped at the size I put on in a month, as I wasn’t a small guys before. I would recommend the product to them by why give away my secret. Giving this product a perfect 10 might seem extreme, but I stand my ground. The ridiculous gains I got, virtually no sides, no complications, overall value… beats every other bullshit supplement I’ve tried to date hands down. To mention again, adding 10+ lbs to my frame after 20 years of lifting, while also losing bodyfat was ridiculous… and all in just over 4 weeks.

Jeff E.         Thousand Oaks, CA