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Reviews of Cyba-Labs Legal Steroids



Deca durabolin is generally considered by athletes and sports medicine physicians to be the safest and most effective injectable anabolic steroid. It has been a steroid of choice for bodybuilders and athletes because of its ability to add quality muscle while decreasing body fat.

Cyba Labs DECABOLIN is a non-estrogen producing 100% legal steroid compound that has a high degree of anabolic action that makes it a top choice for athletes concerned with losing body fat while maintaining, or increasing, muscle mass. If your looking for max lean muscle gains in a short period of time DECABOLIN is the legal steroid for you. DECABOLIN will quickly increase your strength, power and workout drive.



If you have not tried DECABOLIN, I recommend that you do. This was my second cycle with his stuff. I ran it back to back and the results were amazing. During my cycle I put on a good 15 solid pounds. Even after the cycle I only lost about 2 lbs. I was blown away by the effectiveness of this product and it is VERY rare that I get far better results than I expected out of a supplement. The best part of my gains were that they were steady from week to week. Just a steady increase in strength and size that was solid and noticeable. DECABOLIN will not convert to estrogen so no worries about unwanted sides. While on the product my strength gains increased nicely over the cycle. I started with a bench of 275×4 and ended with 295×8. Dead lift went from 315×6-8 to 355x 6. For hardness and solid gains I give this product an A. Gonna try it in a beginners cycle next and see what happens.

Aaron B.
Rochester, NY


The main reason I bought DECABOLIN is simple, get harder so I don’t look soft with my shirt off. I used this product while I was overseas in Afghanistan. My workouts were very good, I was able to do weights and cardio only issue is military food isn’t the best. I ate A LOT of protein bars and drank probably two shakes a day. I tried to stick to turkey/chicken dishes as much as possible. My diet wasn’t ideal, nor were my protein sources(I would have preferred more whole foods), but it was the best I could make of the situation. With that being said I still got some sick gains. I really wasn’t looking to gain weight but I ended up putting on about 5lbs. But what was more amazing was how much harder and more defined my back, chest and arms got. Huge improvement even with semi crappy food. I don’t aim to put up big numbers but my strength gains were very noticeable……..bench I used to struggle with 225lbs 4-6 reps, now I’m pushing 245 for 10reps and I became more comfortable with squatting and improved that lift by 30 lbs. I will definitely cycle DECABOLIN again!!

Jarrod W.
Lexington, KY