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In bodybuilding, Winstrol aka “Winny V” became popular due to the fact it increases strength without excess weight-gain, promotes vascularity without excess water retention and helps preserve lean body mass. This makes Winstrol a longtime favorite of gym rats and bodybuilders that want to become faster and stronger without added bloat.

WINSTRAZOL V by Cyba Labs is 100% legal and formulated to increase lean body mass, metabolize adipose tissue and reduce water retention. It has harnessed the powerful lean muscle building properties found in the most potent anabolics in one extreme anabolic compound. Many users have claimed lean muscular definition, incredible strength and garden hose vascularity. WINSTRAZOL V will promote more deeply defined muscles and great strength gains without a watery bloated look.



When I cycled this product I was on a mission. I have always been in decent shape but nothing extraordinary. I decided to give  WINSTRAZOL V a try and put together a plan so I could finally look jacked with my shirt off.  So here are some beginning stats: 5’10” tall  200 lbs, 16% body fat, 18 in arm  34 inch waist 41 inch chest. For this cycle I kept a close eye on my diet, not to the point of a pre contest diet but just some common sense changes. Kept my protein at a gram per pound, only complex carbs (most of the time) and small amount of fat. I also did 30 minutes of cardio 3-4x per week. So after following that program and taking WINSTRAZOL V these are my ending stats: 190 bodyweight  10% body fat 17 inch arm and 39 inch chest and best of all 32 inch waist. I think the most amazing thing about this product is I burned off nothing but fat and it helped me hold on my size. After losing 6% body fat my muscles looked more defined, fuller and rock hard. My veins were popping out all over the place thanks to the lower body fat. No shit nothing turns heads like a pair of big veiny arms. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who wants to hold on to size and get ripped.

Stephen R.   Bridgeport, CT


Even though I ordered WINSTRAZOL V to get ripped a nice unexpected side effect was my strength also shot up, and interestingly, so did my endurance. By endurance, I mean that when I beat up my large muscle groups (legs, back), the muscles got tired, but recovered quickly. This allowed me to do several more sets of squats/etc, at heavier weight than  I was able to do before. Overall very good product. It kept my energy level and strength up while melting off body fat. Judging by my increased strength WINSTRAZOL V would be ideal for a powerlifter or athlete who needs a boost to their strength but not add bodyweight. As I lost fat my muscles really popped out and looked more defined. My gf noticed my more striated shoulders and arms and said my time in the gym was paying off.  Just want to recommend a few things. First, drink plenty of water. It will flush out excess water so you have to stay hydrated. Also, make sure you take as directed, seven days per week. My friend cycled it with me and only took it on workout days and got good results but they could have been better if he read the label. Great product!!

Jimmy M.   Auburn, GA